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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

e-Dynamics Solutions IPO - Are You Planning To Invest?

Are you planning to buy IPO of e-Dynamics? I just read few details of e-Dynamics IPO and could not resist to post it for readers to make their own decision.

The biggest and foremost deterrent for me about this company; their email ID.

An e-commerce technology company, apparently running e-commerce portal, have an email address hosted at They can't even have the email address hosted at their own domain name? Shows their expertise and dedication to technology.

Now take a look at their website. A non-functioning website for e-commerce technology solutions company! I tried visiting the website different times in the span of 12 hours and all the time all I could see was Magento error! Such a non-serious e-commerce company who can afford such a long downtime.

These two things are good enough to show how serious company is in their business of "technology". I don't even need to go into their financial details which are even shady.

Read this article about their financial shady practices.

e-Dynamics solutions IPO red herring prospectus on BSE Website.

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