Best Stocks To Buy Now in 2012

Welcome 2012. Year 2011 was the year most investors would like leave behind in memories as soon as possible. It was an year of high volatility in stock markets. It was kind of a roller coaster ride which people did not enjoy much! There are much of the talks about first half of 2012 observing similar rides. In such times, as a value investor, with no doubts, you should buy stocks of good companies for long term, so when time turns around,  you are ready to be part of that turn around and associated growth. And the single most important task to achieve this is to find Best stocks to buy in 2012 and start accumulating those for long term. I am going to find some of the best stocks to buy now in 2012 and discuss here on Indian Stocks News with you all.

As discussed in my one of the previous posts "When to Buy Stocks in current sinking stock market?" about how BSE SENSEX has lost more than 20% steadily in last one year and that as value and growth investor, we can focus on beaten down Small Cap, Mid Cap and Large stocks for growth.

In next few weeks and months, I would come up with ideas on best stocks to buy in 2012 with my stock research. Also I am going to discuss the sectors that have bright future in India in coming few years. Although I will try to cover as many stocks as possible, It is impossible for me to every good stock to buy out there in stocks market. I would like to invite you to discuss your ideas on best stocks to buy and good sectors in invest in. Send me your stock ideas either in below comment form or on email "Editor at". I will publish your stocks ideas here on Indian Stocks News along with your name.

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Let's share our ideas to invest better!

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