e-Dynamics Solutions IPO - Are You Planning To Invest?

Are you planning to buy IPO of e-Dynamics? I just read few details of e-Dynamics IPO and could not resist to post it for IndianStocksNews.com readers to make their own decision.

The biggest and foremost deterrent for me about this company; their email ID.


An e-commerce technology company, apparently running e-commerce portal, have an email address hosted at Yahoo.com? They can't even have the email address hosted at their own domain name? Shows their expertise and dedication to technology.

Now take a look at their website. http://www.edynamicssolutions.com/ A non-functioning website for e-commerce technology solutions company! I tried visiting the website different times in the span of 12 hours and all the time all I could see was Magento error! Such a non-serious e-commerce company who can afford such a long downtime.

These two things are good enough to show how serious company is in their business of "technology". I don't even need to go into their financial details which are even shady.

Read this article about their financial shady practices.

e-Dynamics solutions IPO red herring prospectus on BSE Website.