Tourism Finance - Public Sector Stock To Buy

SP Tulsian has recommended to buy stocks of Tourism Finance in his stock analysis report. This is recommendation in series "Stocks To Buy Below Rs.50 in 2010"

Tourism Finance is promoted by – one can call it a semi public sector undertaking (PSU) with IFCI holding 32% and 25% held by State Bank of India (SBI), Life Insurance Company (LIC) and four other insurance companies.

The company is into providing finance to tourism related projects. It has been giving a consistent performance. In fact this has not been in the news. If you look at FY09, they had an EPS of about Rs 3.6 which is likely to be maintained for FY10 as well.

The book value of this share at present is about Rs 37 and I think it is ruling at a price to book of 70% with a price of about Rs 26. We have seen all – whether it is small PSU banks or maybe financing or lending institutions to the power sector – have appreciated in the last six months by about 50-70%.

But I do not think that this has come into focus of analysts or maybe even investors. If somebody can take a call, I don’t think that there is any downside. The way we have seen a run up especially in stocks like LIC Housing and GIC Housing, this can also come on the radar.

IFCI holds a 32% stake and since IFCI is also regaining its health and again loaded with news, this could also be tagged along with the company or we may see a good restructuring or maybe even infusion of fresh funds to enlarge the level of activity.

If all those things can happen, I won’t be surprised if the company surpasses Rs 5 EPS for FY11. As I said, the book value is close to Rs 38 now which could rise to about Rs 42-43 by then. The stock has very good potential to appreciate by about 50-60% in the next six months.

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