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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moser Baer Ltd - Good Mid Cap Stock - Good results awaited?

Referring to today's (20th January 2009) Economic Times News, It is being said that a broker known as "PINK PANTHER" and his team are accumulating this stock since some time and expecting Moser baer to post very good results compared to it's past two loss making quarters. What is in Moser Baer as a Value Stock which makes it best mid cap stock to buy in current stock market?

Moser Baer Ltd.
CMP: - 110
BSE Code: 517140
Market Cap: 1884.09
52 week H /L: 254 – 50

Moser Baer India Limited is an India-based company that is principally engaged in the business of manufacture and sale of optical storage media. The Company also has presence in business areas, such as solar energy, entertainment, information technology (IT) peripherals and consumer electronics. In the home entertainment segment, the Company has commenced film production in multiple languages. The Company’s Photovoltaic domain commenced its commercial operations during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2008. In the home entertainment segment, the Company has commenced film production in multiple languages. As of March 31, 2008, it offers home video titles in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali and non-film categories. Its products are sold in approximately 80 countries. As of March 31, 2008, it had introduced new products, such as BDR 1X-6X, DVDR 8X Dual Layer, Double sided recordable discs, Diamond CDR and Archival Media.

Key Financial:
EPS and PE both running negative making no financial sound.
The development will surely change the phase of the company.
This will be seen on the balance sheets of the company.

Development :
Lots of development happening around. the recent 6.5% stake sale is a good tactic to raise funds.

I feel this will surely benefit. The amount raised would go towards capacity expansion of the firm’s crystalline silicon and thin film solar verticals, largely at its Greater Noida facility. While the crystalline silicon cell manufacturing capacity would go up from 80 mega watt (MW) to 180 MW, thin film capacity would be increased from 40 MW to 120 MW by next year.

The firm plans to spend about $400 million on capex this fiscal, which would be part funded by the amount raised. The PV business had earlier received Rs 400 crore in private equity funding in November 2007. The business reported revenues of $43 million in 2007-08. With the latest round of funding Moser Baer will holds 93.5% stake in the PV subsidiary.

Moser Baer’s thin film PV business comes under PV Technologies India, while the crystalline silicon business is operated by another arm, Moser Baer Photovoltaic Ltd. Though crystalline silicon is more widely used in PV market, Moser Baer is banking more on the thin film technology.

So, its thin film capacity would be ramped up to 600 MW by 2011-12, while crystalline silicon capacity would go up to 200 MW. “Thin film has the potential to capture 15-20% of the global PV market in the next three years. It has lower cost compared to crystalline silicon and efforts are on to increase its efficiency, which is currently lower than crystalline silicon,” said Moser Baer CFO Yogesh Mathur. The solar market has grown from $13 billion in 2005 to an estimated $40 billion this year. It is further expected to grow to $50-70 billion by 2010.

This stock is only for long term Investors.
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  1. Dear Sir,

    Very good information,i would like to know you are profession fundamental analyst?

    Sir once gain you had posted a very valuable information,but sir one request to you,sir can you pls post a topic on multibagger stocks from midcap and smallcap stocks for long term investor(5-7 years).

    Sir you are the best,i found this blog very useful.But sir i want to be like you,would like to know from where you get all these information or its is your own thought.

    Great work.GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. I am not fundamental analyst but I am Business Analyst by profession :)

    My motto is to provide most useful information to investors like me about good Indian Stocks who can build wealth for all of us in long term investment form.

    These are not my own thoughts but information collected from various sourecs based on recent developments.

    I collect information from multiple sources on stock market, relate them to each other and analyse if we all as investors can benefit from it or not.

    Keep visiting to get more such info.

    Subscribe to post updates so whenever I post article, it would reach in your EMail.

    Thanks for encouraging words :)

  3. Thanks a lot,you are doing a great work of spreading knowledge,goddess saraswati will bless you if you educate investors with more knowledge, you are already bless with more knowledge,sir i would like to know one thing,in one of the post you had give information on IKFTECH future project,sir by going through the post i found these scrip very interesting and i buy 50000 shares of IKFTECH...i would like to know do you think this stock could make a investor a crorepati if he keep invested in this stock for 5-7 years...

  4. Sir can you pls post a topic on the multibagger stocks for long term investor...low price scrip from midcap and small cap.


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