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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

US Markets sink today...Watch for Indian Stocks

US markets started it's week on very very weak notes today! Huge selling in US stocks. All because of S&P's downgrade of US credit ranking on Friday.

Here are the numbers of fall. It's not fall but sinking. More than 5.5%, 6.6% and almost 7% in a day for indices.

Dow Jones -634.76 (-5.55%)

S&P 500 -79.92 (-6.66%)

Nasdaq -174.72 (-6.90%)

So what would you expect from Indian stock markets today? Do I need to say anything? Would we see 16,000 that I had talked about in last post?

Though Indian Stock Markets have already tank on Monday, reaction of another 300- 400 points in SENSEX on downside is inevitable.

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