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Monday, June 25, 2012

United Phosphorus..Are shareholders at correct place?

I was watching latest episode of Aamir Khan's TV show Satymev Jayate. CMD of United Phosphrous, Mr. Shroff had participated in this show and the way he was talking about sensitive issue of health absolutely insensitively, I really wonder if money of shareholders of United Phosphorus is in safe hands!

As an educated person (I think I am!) and follower/user of organic food for a past few years, I felt Mr.Shroff was trying hard to insult my intelligence.

At the very same moment, the way he was endorsing pesticides (I felt it was foolishly), looking at his way of fooling around the sensitive issue of pesticides very insensitively, I strongly felt how he would be running his company and how he would steer the company in future.

Has he really been able to run the company with futuristic vision? Or the business of company is just to manufacture poison and sell it allover India as "medicine" for crops? Why this company has not been able to find something which is organic and non-harmful? Why they are not researching on 'organic pesticides'? Why can not we (and they) think differently?

Being stock analyst, I felt Mr. Shroff's vision in this direction is completely blocked. The way he represented the company on national television, was totally inappropriate in my opinion and so, the question, if shareholders of United Phosphorus have deployed their money at correct place? Feel free to express your opinion, we are world's biggest democracy and no one can and should dare suppress our voice!


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  2. thats exactly what i felt while watching the show. i too have some money invested in this company. i see no trading happened for this company today. i dont want to invest any more and will sell asap. nation first...let such companies go to hell. who cares...

  3. Kudos to Aamir first for his candour and you for following your logic and common sense to write this...

    Pesticides are harmful for our health.. Period.. There is no denying that.. So the question is, what are they doing in our food ??? Any argument in support of pesticides is futile..

    The world is searching for better technology and eco friendly ways of energy and we are not even able to produce our food the right way..

    Shame on us and a big salute to the Sikkim government for realizing this simple fact and working towards it..

  4. These money hungry demons will not care for peoples life, they are only worried about their profits. It was shameful on Shroff's behalf to be so remorseless about the whole issue.

  5. There are some chemicals used in these pesticides, which encourage other pests. So, pests feed on pesticides. So, always they have thriving business.

    If one pest is killed, farmer has to buy for another pest created by this pesticide. Hence, their business will never stop, EVEN AFTER CONSUMER'S DEATH.

  6. United Phosphorous should stop manufacturing chemical pesticides as waste goes to Daman Ganga& polluting marine life,better search on bio products,follow Brasil who is greatest manufacture of organic foods.


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