Damani's advice to investors

Sudhakajaria: Dear Sir, for your faithful chatters, can you not give us a NIFTY CALL now at least, if the market has bottomed out or nearing the bottom. We have purchased Prism at 61, Bluebird at 84, Gail at 550, Igarshi at 114. The whole world is in a bad shape. At this point of time, what do you suggest for your BELOVED ONES? Cash at hand or recommend some screaming buy for us to benefit from this UNUSUAL FALL, or is it better to stay away?

Ramesh Damani: as u know i dont give nifty calls ..my sense is that fmcg and cement will provide safe harbor in the days to come

SONU_SAI: will budget will bring the mkt up or down

Ramesh Damani: the FM will keep an eye on the budget and cut rates for taxes which would be a positive

rp241981: what is ur view about market and what will u do in such market. Im a small investor. what to do now. buy on stay in cash till stability. thnak u sir

Ramesh Damani: i fu find value buy it by all means...crisis of someone can be an opportunity for u if u are a disciplined investor

SONU_SAI: it was said that mkt will see down in feb and march but we are seeing it down ow then what will we consider feb and march as bugettime will be near

Ramesh Damani: cant really predict the market

kanupriyaa: Dear Sir, today when many have burnt their fingers, is there any stock you see from your perspective as a screaming buy, now that the stocks are available even below attractive levels. IFLEX at 900, Bluebird at 44, Prism at 43. Or is it better to stay away from markets as global clouds have attacked our market and WAIT. As you know many stocks have been purchased at a higher price. Do share with us, if we could benefit from this MORE THAN EXPECTED FALL of market due to MARGINS

Ramesh Damani: i think the stocks u mentioned are cheap and could be bought at these rates....

mariappan.m: Wishing you a great year ahead Sir. I have been a silent reader of this chat transscripts and able to learn a lot from you, thanks.

Ramesh Damani: thanks and keep up the investing

ssesh1: Do you see the markets going below today`s low tomorrow?

Ramesh Damani: i think we have made a intermediate bottom at todays low..the poison has been let out...

nivesh3598: Dear Siris this is a correct time to go for buying for blue chip shares ?

Ramesh Damani: it is if u are finding value

samesh_patels: Sir what actually is the reason for this meltdown in the market??

Ramesh Damani: global cues and f&o positions in india

rp241981: Hello Sir, If u want to invest in this market which are the sector will u prefer.

Ramesh Damani: cement, fmcg and logistics

JOEGRANVILLE: well it is a synchorous sell off from shanghai to bovespa to ftse????so clearly with fed indicating it will cut fed rates,so question is where will new liquidy move to ??? TO ME LARGET CAP US stocks r extremely cheap????ur view ????thanks

Ramesh Damani: cheap can be a moving target..citibank has become cheaper by the day

probirkrpaul: what is the short term target of nifty. is correction over or not.

Ramesh Damani: from the look todays low is an intermediate bottom

rushabh_r_shah: Ramesh Sir , how was the marathon ... u finished the race in what time ??

Ramesh Damani: i finished it but not in the time i had set for myself..my knees gave in

yourssid: Dont you feel that smal investors not only loose money but also trust thats really hard to get back now after such a crash

Ramesh Damani: i dont agree with that

miki_im: Sir, good afternoon. What is your take on the power sector especially realiance energy and NTPC? thanks

Ramesh Damani: power sector is under pressure and will underperform

sudz_123: Dear Sir, where do you see the market bottoming out? Or is it really very difficult for you to give an opinion right now. Today when everyone is nervous, do guide us well. Should we be buying any MOUTH WATERING stock at this point of time like TATA STEEL and Tata Tele, or is it best to wait for the dust to settle. Our other stocks have been purchased at a very high price like many have had. If we could benefit in this FALLING KNIFE market, do share with us. Thanks.

Ramesh Damani: i would buy if i spotted value. sectors i have mentioned

nehamathur: Sir holding png gilts from 44 levels. Is it prudent to sit patiently and watch the drama?

Ramesh Damani: i think the logic is still good..at merger we should get a value greater than 50

nehamathur: Though market came down but i believe this is not healty correction. Healthy correction is one which comes down slowly. I dont know how many people sold in this correction. This shows that every rise people will sell off. Your comments.

Ramesh Damani: dificult to predict all this..i concentrate on the stocks in my portfolio mainly

sonali9876: sir,,ONCE AGAIN THANKS for telling us to SELL at exactly right time,,u hav saved us from DISASTER

Ramesh Damani: that was a good but lucky call

maulin_pintu: Hello Sir, I am a small investor and got teribbly scared of the current fall in the market.? My question is WHAT SHALL I DO WITH MY PRESENT HOLDINGS AS THE SAME ARE BELOW 50% MY COST OF ACQUISITION...?

Ramesh Damani: visit the logic of why u bought...if it was a tip be careful..

rishivohra: sir after today will you suggest your chatters to still invest in equity? sir i have 800 rcom at 650/- whats your views.

Ramesh Damani: i almost bullish on equity provided it is cheap

sonali9876: PRISM CEMENT available at DIVIDEND YIELD

Ramesh Damani: yup is attractive

chowlesh: Mr. Damani i rem once u mentioned growth stocks is where one should be.. do u still subscribe to that view ? one would have got butchered today !

Ramesh Damani: that depends on when u bought it and what was the margin of safety

visethi22: sir , is there any relief being provided by govt on FNO holders holding different lots

Ramesh Damani: no

rushabh_r_shah: ramesh sir , panic in the last few days have created buying oppourtunities for lots of fundamentally good companies ... tata-steel ... idfc .. l

Ramesh Damani: the first two looks good

aaditiyaa: do u think there is a need for structural reforms in the stock markets like ipo funding, financing methods to f

Ramesh Damani: teh f&O market should be rethought it has caused much despair

Harinder Rawat: is tomorrow the melting position continue/ what you think. I hope it will continue upto sensex 15000.

Ramesh Damani: i doubt it

MahendraRathod: My pleasure that i got opportunity to talk with you sir. I am holding IFCI, BHEL, PFC, TTML, TCS, MINDTREE, NELCO. But my portfolio is about 40% down. Please advice me sir :)))

Ramesh Damani: dont individual on individual portfolios

sanketsm: Sir, I recently started investing in the stock market (2 months) and have burnt 45% of my portfolio over that time. In the absence of liquidity, is it prudent to weed out the greater loss making stocks, book that loss, and invest in stocks with sound fundamentals?

Ramesh Damani: generally speaking yes

Harinder Rawat: I want to recover the lossed money which I lost yesterday but there is no permission to enter into the market, WHY. Whats the monopoly of NSE?BSE?

Ramesh Damani: u dont need permission to enter the market

sampath05155: Sir, even if you are holding good stock, market corrects. can we hold it or book loss and enter after wards or can we wait for recovery. what do u thing how long will it take to reach 21000 mark

Ramesh Damani: not something i recommend

rajudhs: THANKS A LOT FOR SELL CALL SIR, sold 95% of my stocks on day after the CHAT. now waiting to get in and make a killing :-) Thanks once again

Ramesh Damani: hey great trade...timing was lucky

sudz_123: dEAR sIR, SHOULD WE JUST SIT AND BEAR THE PAIN OR CAN YOU SUGGEST AT LEAST ONE STOCK THAT WE, YOUR LOVED ONES can buy aggresively from the sectors you mentioned, to benefit from this fall. Have you too bought? We would be highly obliged if you share with your chatters. Thanks

Ramesh Damani: going to wait till next week atleast market is too fluid and i may change my mind

phalver: Also why property prices are going up as if there are 100 buyers

Ramesh Damani: logic would suggest property prices have peaked

mkvijayalakshmi: i am a long term investor since 15 years,happy with market. I want to know where i will get rules and regulations of exchanges in respect of deravitives,because without knowing the product in deatil i dont wont to try.Since i have few company shares more than market lots in my portfolio,i want to know whether i can hedge my position in deravitive market

Ramesh Damani: try the nse website or call them they should be able to help

sonali9876: SIR,,do u think RECOVERY will be FAST in mid-caps as they are UNDEROWNED BY FIIS?

Ramesh Damani: recovery will take time...if market recovers too quickly the lessons may not be learnt

pune_swengineer: Balmer Lawrie: Sir, did u go through the results? How did u like it?

Ramesh Damani: they were in line..saw them quickly

Sid_for_you: In a previous chat you had said that this time the wait may be longer than what it was after May 2006 fall.Do you still hold that view?

Ramesh Damani: i think so market cant keep giving u such quick ops but the jury is still out..lets see

veenaarvind: SIr please share your expertise on power sectors like Rpower,Tata, NTPC

Ramesh Damani: sector will struggle for a while..we may see a technical rally for a while..but i would sell into the rallies in the power sector

nehamathur: I think even wise people fell pray to markets. Your recommendation of blue bird for trading is an example.

Ramesh Damani: lots of my stocks fall and dont work out...or work out later that is a part of the market paradign..no one is invincible

uvsrk: most of the frontline stocks got butchered. were they overvalued then? do they look cheap now? where do you see the recovery coming from?

Ramesh Damani: part of the reason was the technical positionof the market

uvsrk: Is there a lesson for SEBI to control huge IPOs keeping in mind the liquidity impact?

Ramesh Damani: no public must take responsibility for what they do..not sebi job to tell u what to do

parimalmithani: Sir I just want to thanks you for your words of wisdom. Also learnt a lesson that in stock market fear is your best friend and greed is your worst enemy.

Ramesh Damani: amen

baracuda: Nucleus: Your comments about the results and you take on the future prospects?

Ramesh Damani: results were ok...orders in the quarter were over 100 crs which is outstanding

ishu_arpit: good evening sir, I was wonder that how can stocks fall so sharply with so little volume trading. can you please explain that. Thanks

Ramesh Damani: its called a panic and typically buyers evaporate happens every few years


Ramesh Damani: order book seems to be robust

verycool: sir i have a question for you. I am 29 yrs old. In the last few days I have lost 20% of my portfolio worth but I am not scared. I invest in equities for my retirement which I hope to take in 2020. What would you advise me? Learn stop losses or hold on if you have the conviction or buy more of the same if possible?

Ramesh Damani: for a young person keep the faith and try and compound that is the best route

mvmakadia: Damaniji; I would like to know your view on this one; shouldnt futures n options b banned; usually mkts collapse or rise leaving behind fundamentals when fno traders unwind their positions; plz suggest this to the relevant authorities as you are a BSE member and Mumbai?s leading investor and analyst;

Ramesh Damani: no they should not be banned but regulated..just like we regulate fire...f&O are imp for the market

sanjayvarun1966: Hello Sir, do you think that the markets can see the previous high levels with a next quarter time.

Ramesh Damani: unlikley

hp8989: there should be a system of quoting the stock prices linked to its fundamentals to avoid falty momentum based valuations

Ramesh Damani: markets work on free pricing, dd and supply

Harinder Rawat: Dear Sir, are you still avilable on chat? My question is it the right time to invest or standby for sometime

Ramesh Damani: the right time to invest is when u see value...they step up and buy it

Sid_for_you: Some how dont agree with you view to re-think F

Ramesh Damani: contine yes...but dont keep crazy scripts in the list..keep overall limits

adpatelji: sir to me u r the ultimate..... what a call on sell.double top etcetc..Thanks got out on time ...wish to reenter,do i now?

Ramesh Damani: thanks

cds987: hi sir, joining first time in live chat from switzerland on a bad day.. what`s the prospect of birla corp (cement).. heavily battered in the last few sessions..thanks in advance

Ramesh Damani: i am bullish on cement stocks are cheap and opportunity is good

kvrkrishna: Damaniji - May we know the investment rational behind Igarashi motors? Apart from the Sales to Market cap, I could not find any other parameter attractive in it. Does it hold value in investments or is it a turn around story or is it a monopoly undervalued?

Ramesh Damani: cars will have motors and they will be the supplier...

nandumadhu: If the fundamentals of the market are strong and the bottomline of companies healthy, why do the prices of healthy stocks tumble so much on global cues? Will they bounce back to normal? When?

Ramesh Damani: that is called an opportunity for a savvy investor

vivekrajanand: hi Mr Damani Im Vivek Raj Anand from Apollo Sindhoori, being in the financial sector has been fun for last 4 yrz now, some hard core optimist mey say we have rebound around corner however dont you feel we are now in a bear market and could be staring at 8000 at Sensex soon

Ramesh Damani: too early to say that..it could happen but i see no evidence of that...yet

chandani: SIR< Please this is very IMPORTANT,today when MARKET WAS DOWN more than 16%, I wanted to buy some real good quality stocka but my BROKER refused, he said there is no credit in your account we can not take your buy order,, MY SON who is on business trip here got very Wild, he says such thing can not occure in USA you must SUE your broker for not allowing you to buytrade in stocks specially when you are paying your dues regularly..so today I lost golden opportunity to invest and trade..

Ramesh Damani: difficult question really....u need to sort it out with your brokre...he is not obliged to buy..but i understand the angst u went through

anandkoppikar: Ramesh Sir, I have been great fan of yours and appreciate and respect your knowledge. I would like to know at what levels index will bottom out and at horizon of 6-8 months were do you think our bse index would be and why? Thankyou. With Regards, Anand koppikar.

Ramesh Damani: cant really predict the index level..we have seen perhaps an intermediate bottom at todays low..if that breaks we should be on red alert

chandani: Sir PLEEEEEASE guide me Can I SUE MY BROKER for not allowing me to buy stocks today???????

Ramesh Damani: dont think so

poondi: Hpoe you will answer this. After the dust settles, for a patient invester, are the stocks that you have been recommending the past year still a good buy. Thankyou!

Ramesh Damani: we willhave to review this case by case

phalver: by how much correction will take place in property prices. today 2 bhk in kandivali is 65-70 lacs. don`t you think this is crazy. I hope you answer this

Ramesh Damani: it will correct sharply...property..prices are crazy i agree

Ramesh Damani: markets fall and rise ..part of the rhythm....investors should be patient, buy value and stick it..good luck and see u all next week bye

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