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May 23, 2008Keeping you up-to-date about investing !!
Multibagger Pick
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Chemicals industry offers excellent investment opportunities
After the meltdown earlier this year, the stock market has been range-bound for the past three months. While most sectors have been struggling on the bourses, an unglamorous industry has suddenly come to the forefront by demonstrating its ability to weather the storm.
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Stocks for long-term investments in 2008
The new themes for this year and the preferred stocks where you can park your long-term investments...

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Why Tips will never make you rich?
In the past, Indian investors have faced a problem of information scarcity. In the 1990's & before, there was no internet, no business channels, only 1-2 business newspapers etc. People used to invest only on the basis of what their brokers/friends recommended without any knowledge of the company business, financial performance etc.

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Stress & Glass Of Water
This is specially for people having lot of work and stress
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