Stocks not to Buy at this moment !!

Surprised? Everyone always recommends to BUY or SELL.  Obvious question in your mind would be Why the hell this is being said to NOT TO BUY?”….. Read On ……..

This is a falling market. And it is the wise thing to buy in this falling market. So if you plan to allot your money to invest in some of the scrips at this moment.

Then be sure that it is not in the following list


1)Development Cr Bank

2)Spice Mobiles
3)Prajay Engineering
4)Edelweiss Capital
5)KPIT Cummins
6)Anant Raj Inds
7)Pioneer Embroideries
8)GTC Industires

9)Prithvi Info
10)Champagne Indage
11)Orbit Corporation
12)Godawari Power

13)IOL Netcom


15)West Coast Paper

16)Indo Asian

17)Consolidated Constuction

18)IVRCL Infrastructure

19)Spice Communication



The Reason behind is simple. All the above mentioned stocks are holded by the FII Hedge fund -  Lehman Brothers Holdings.

But unfortunately Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.'s balance-sheet troubles threaten to harm the wider financial system unless the bank

takes decisive action, the Wall Street Journal said in its ``Heard on the Street'' column( June 4,2008 : Source Bloomberg : Article

Lehman Brothers May Have to Put Itself Up for Sale, WSJ Says ). So a heavy selling pressure may witness in this stocks as the

company is likely to report a second-quarter loss this month, may be forced either to sell all or part of itself to a bigger financial firm or

sell a large quantity of new shares.