10 small cap stocks where stock market punters are bullish

Below given are the companies where operators and punters have set their eyes on.Some targets would get acheived and some operators would loose their shirts.

They have only spoken of targets and i have mixed those with my fundamental check.Hope you guys would like it.

[CUBEX TUBING LTD news,views and analysis/buy or hold or sell/target price of cubex tubing/prospects and what to be done with cubex tubings?]


Punters target:50rs
BSE Code:526027

Story:It basically sells copper and copper alloy products, which have shown impressive growth in the last decade.Company will tend to gain in case the prices of aluminum is more than the copper prices, as the equipment makers shift the base from aluminum binding to copper binding because of low prices. As more and more mines of copper are coming into operation, the price of Copper has already started coming down. On the other hand because of no new mine of aluminum coming into operation and with a steady demand, the aluminum prices are expected to rule higher in the next year also.If rumuors are to be beleived the company is set to double its profits in the current fiscal.Going forward punters expect a price of Rs.45-50.

[MORARKA FINANCE LTD. news,views and analysis/buy or hold or sell/target price of MORARKA FINANCE LTD./prospects and what to be done with MORARKA FINANCE?]


Punters target:17 rs
BSE Code:511549

Story:Morarka Finance is a holding company of Sugar giant called Dwarikesh Sugar. The former one holds 18.69% of the equity of the later one. There are many investment companies in
India floated by the promoters where an investment company into the main company indirectly holds the holding. The most talked about company is TATA Sons, which holds stakes in almost all the TATA group companies and TATA family in turn holds TATA Sons. Vedanta is a holding company of Sterlite group, which is listed on London Stock Exchange.The current market value of shares held by Morarka finance is Rs.14 crs and the 70% value is Rs.11 crs, on the other hand the current market capital is only Rs 5 crs.Even if we give a higher discount of 50%, a value of Rs.7 crs can be very easily assigned to the company. And we must not forget here is that Dwarikesh is expected to make a bumper profit in going ahead because of high sugar prices. In that case, the valuations of Morarka will go up much more.Punters expect morarka to move 30-40% in the coming few months.

[ELDECO HOUSING LTD. news,views and analysis/buy or hold or sell/target price of ELDECO HOUSING./prospects and what to be done with ELDECO HOUSING?]


Punters target:200 rs
BSE Code:523329

Story:With hard-core technical people sitting in the center, Eldeco Housing is a name to be reckon with construction in UP. With a 17-year-old history, there are many group companies under the flagship of Eldeco, a few of them are: Eldeco construction Pvt. Limited, Eldeco housing and Industries Limited, Eldeco
Infrastructure and properties Limited, Eldeco buildtech Pvt. Limited, Eldeco Projects Pvt. Limited. In last few years time, company has completed projects worth Rs.several crs in Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Noida and Greater Noida.For the next 3 years time, company has confirmed orders of around rs 600 crs and to complete the projects on time, the company is working overtime.With a book value of Rs.81 per share and a very small equity base of Rs.1.97 crs, the promoters hold a very clean image in the dirty business of construction. The company faces no problem in getting loans from the banks because of the strong balance sheet. Apart from that, the projections given by the different bodies of GOI for the construction shows and holds a very promising future for the company and for the industry.Punters expects a price of Rs.200 in one year's time.

[INDIAN SUCROSE LTD. news,views and analysis/buy or hold or sell/target price of INDIAN SUCROSE./prospects and what to be done with INDIAN SUCROSE?]


Punters target:15 rs
BSE Code:500319

Story:Indian sugar story is expected to boom again in near future.Previously in good time people chased all the sugar stocks like the big daddies Balrampur Chini, Bajaj Hindustan in a bigger way.With its plant located in the cane rich belt of Punjab, Indian Sucrose is expected to gain a lot from the expected high sugar prices.Punters expect it to hit a level of 15rs very soon and they also expect a token dividend from the company.

[FENOPLAST LTD. news,views and analysis/buy or hold or sell/target price of FENOPLAST./prospects and what to be done with FENOPLAST?]


Punters target:28 rs
BSE Code:526689

Story:It is one of the largest manufacturing of PVC leather cloth, while its other product Non-toxic rigid PVC film for blister packaging, meant primarily for pharmaceutical industry and rigid and soft PVC films for stationery demands very good market in India. Fenoplast is exporting 30% of the production to 28 countries across the globe, which suggests that the company manufacturer's quality product as per the international standards.With its more than decade old experienced management and all the units of PVC Leather cloth, PVC films operating at more than the capacity,punters expects a price of Rs 28 in 1 year's time.


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[ARTEFACT SOFTWARE LTD. news,views and analysis/buy or hold or sell/target price of ARTEFACT SOFTWARE ./prospects and what to be done with ARTEFACT SOFTWARE ?]


Punters target:110 rs
BSE Code:531297

Story:After withdrawing from its traditional business of financing as a NBFC, the company has grown a lot in terms of consultancy for infrastructure projects. The company has entered into collaborations with international consultants from
USA, UK, and Malaysia etc who are top players in their home countries as well as in the global market. Artefact with its collaborators is providing expert services for prestigious infrastructure development projects by organizations like NHAI, AAI, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority and many more.The company has been awarded certain large and prestigious consultancy contracts for major infrastructure projects.With the current assignments, the company is expected to achieve a turnover growth of at least 20% every year for next 5 years.With good orders in hand,punters expects the share price to hit Rs.110 in next 1 year's time.

[KONARK SYNTHETIC LTD. news,views and analysis/buy or hold or sell/target price of KONARK SYNTHETIC ./prospects and what to be done with KONARK SYNTHETIC ?]


Punters target:50rs
BSE Code:514128

Story:The company manufacturers textured yarn of synthetic filament yarn in its factory located in Thane. With a 25 year track record the company has grown many folds in its history.The overall change and growth of textile industry is likely to bring improvement in working performance of the company.In view of taking advantage of demand in textile goods, the company raised money for expansion and forward integration of its business. Also as the main raw material for the company is cotton, better than expected crop of cotton will keep the raw material prices in check.With the opening up of the textile sector,the company is also expected to benefit a lot in terms of higher sales.Punters expect the scrip to hit half century in next few quarters.

[VADILAL ENTERPRISES LTD. news,views and analysis/buy or hold or sell/target price of VADILAL ENTERPRISES ./prospects and what to be done with VADILAL ENTERPRISES?]


Punters target:Mutibagger
BSE Code:519152

Story:Vadilal is one of the best selling ice creams in
India. It has a very high presence in the western part of India especially in Gujarat and Rajasthan. To increase the penetration level the company has spread wings in Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal also. Apart from this the company is also targeting Delhi, Orissa, Punjab, Haryana and all other northern states. The ice cream segment is India is growing at a rate of almost 25% since last 5 years and is expected to grow at the same rate for next many years to come. Increased urbanization, more purchasing power, and the fun loving attitude of the youth have increased the sale of ice creams across the segment. Amul, Mother Dairy, and all other brands are witnessing increasing sales since last many years.Company has more than 200 products and 300-product matrix to offer.With a high book value, higher EPS and a solid brand of Vadilal,punters expect the company to be a multibagger from the current levels.

[A.K.Capital Services LTD. news,views and analysis/buy or hold or sell/target price of A.K.Capital Services ./prospects and what to be done with A.K.Capital Services?]

9)Scripscan:A.K.Capital Services Ltd

Punters target:350rs
BSE Code:530499

Story:AK Capital Services is India's number 1 debt arranger since last 6 years continuously.With the advancement happening in the infrastructure sector in India and the role of different institutions becoming more important with every passing day, more and more debt is going to be raised to fund the different activities. More over, the Indian debt market is still to mature in case we compare it with the western markets. So the company is very well placed to reap the future benefits.The company is expected to post at EPS of rs 76 in fy09 and at the present prices its just quoting at 2.4 times its 1 year forward earnings.Punters expects a price of at least Rs.350 in next 1 years time and if it is possible for the investors they further suggest not to sell this stock ever.

[TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY PRINTERSLTD. news,views and analysis/buy or hold or sell/target price of TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY PRINTERS ./prospects and what to be done with TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY PRINTERS?]


Punters target:50rs
BSE Code:523301

Story:The company produces printed packaging for different industries in
India. To name a few, cigarettes, liquor, food and personal care apart from many others.According to the informed sources, the company has received a very big order from one of the largest fmcg companies. The order is sufficient enough to engage the entire new unit at full capacity for next 1 years time.With a current market capital of just Rs.25 crs, the company has world-class manufacturing capacity and almost all big FMCG clients of India.Punters expects it to zoom past 50rs in the next 6 months.