Multibagger Small Cap stocks

Huge targets are being assigned for all the stocks listed below. Each of the company has been in news and have been discussed as multibagger in future. Checkout… Confirm from your study/research and please update here thru comments for other's benefit… ….

1)India foils:The company has been taken over by the ess dee aluminium group.Lot of sub-orders got passed to the company from the new parent and restructuring is in its full course of action.The scrip is set to come out of the BIFR and spring a suprise in its quarterley numbers.Market man expects huge upsides from the present level of 13-14rs.They says lot of "hot news" are set to pour in for the counter.

2)Novopan Industries Ltd: A guy from geojit is very bullish on it.He has a confirm news of some "RJ" buying a lot of stake in the counter.Now the company geojit has got a large shareholder named "RJ".So it can very well be another case of front running,so if the same vindicates one can certainly make a lot of money.The company is presently quoting at 30 odd rs.

3)Super Syncotex (India) Ltd: An young operator from mumbai who has acquired a chunk of these company feels the next multibagger has been already made a part of his portfolio.He attributes the reason to the management change that super synco recently had.I am not sure about the news but he has been instantneous in his approach to garner the major pie.The scrip is availabe at 2rs now.

4)Span Diagnostics Ltd: An experienced market expert feel span diagnostics is one of the better scrips to opt for in these sort of market uncertainity.The company is set to come up with some blockbuster announcements which would double the stock price.He adds by saying,"span has a tiny equity and very low floating stock-So to take full advantage get it now or else theres always a slip between the cup and the lip.Its cmp is just 60 now.

5)Avon Organics Ltd: A group of people have taken lot of positions in avon organics.They says the company has alredy started showings of worst being over and has delivered stupendous numbers.The same trend is expected to contine if not better.The scrip has a decent book value and these people expects avon to perform much betterly in the coming days.At 16-17rs avon is a steal-they concludes.