Best Essential Indian Stocks - INFOSYS WIPRO HDFC SATYAM

Making money in stock market is not easy. Equity investment should always be done cautiously. Invest Wisely,Trade Cautiously !! Happy investing !!

Recently I read an article in Forbes investment reports recommending "Essential Indian Stocks". According to author of the article, India or Indian stocks are not expensive in terms of stock market valuations but at 20 PE ratio, markets are not cheap either.

The best indian companies for investment are:
Satyam computer services

Probably the best known Indian ADR. But I don’t like Infosys because it’s Indian. I like it because it’s a great company with worldwide operations and global ambitions. Less than 2% of INFY’s revenue comes from Indian customers. The key to understanding Infosys is to realize that it is not merely an “outsourcing” firm as it is often described in the media. While Infosys spent its early years in the 1980s doing fairly routine tasks such as software re-engineering and application development, it has consistently raised its game by adding services such as technology consulting and business process management. The final piece of the puzzle is management consulting, which Infosys is now pursuing aggressively.

Much of the same can be said for Wipro and Satyam Computer Services. We can’t say which of the three will be the best bet, so we are not even going to guess. I think they will all be winners. EverybodyI recommend owning all three and holding them “forever,” as Warren Buffett would say.

Further to add and talk about India's growth story and profitable investments in this growth, HDFC is well poised to get benefitted from rise of Indian middle class. HDFC is a leading mortgage (Home Loan) lender.

To sum up the views, best essential stocks mentioed by author are the companies who cater to entire world and companies from which Indian consumers want to buy.

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