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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

RPower-To Invest or not?/Penny Stocks..

Making money in stock market is not easy. Equity investment should always be done cautiously. Though Financial markets (especially stocks trading) looks lucrative, if one fails to understand the finance, better you leave it to stock market experts (Mutual Funds, portfolio management etc.) Invest Wisely,Trade Cautiously !! Happy investing !!

Lot of has been written since the IPO of Reliance Power. Should one invest in this or not? Would I get any returns on my investment since company would be having it's "production" in maybe 2011, shall we wait to BUY shares or shall we start investin in this? So many questions.....Read More...
a list of stocks which are unknown and maybe penny stocks and I am tracking them since long and maybe I am holding them but as usual I use to hold very small quantity as I buy everything I like as I don't like missing any future mutibagger..... Read More
The company has been hammered in the the past few months.From a high of 500 in january the company has cracked by more than 60% and is presently quoting at 180 odd levels. Read More....
SAAG RR Infra Ltd is engaged in execution of infrastructure projects like water and sewer works and construction of specialised buildings (industrial, commercial and residential), roads and oil & gas pipeline construction and has positioned itself to take advantage of the growing demand in the oil & gas sector. Read More......
JULY 1993 can be regarded as a watershed in the history of the domestic mutual fund (MF) industry. It marked the beginning of the era of privatisation — with Kothari Pioneer being registered as the first private MF house in the country.

You Want To Be The Next Warren Buffett?
A must read aticle on Warren buffett, world's greatest & richest investor, and his techniques Read The article....

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