Penny Stocks-Invest wisely

Making money in stock market is not easy. Equity investment should always be done cautiously. Though Financial markets (especially stocks trading) looks lucrative, if one fails to understand the finance, better you leave it to stock market experts (Mutual Funds, portfolio management etc.) Invest Wisely,Trade Cautiously !! Happy investing !!

I am now giving a list of stocks which are unknown and maybe penny stocks and I am tracking them since long and maybe I am holding them but as usual I use to hold very small quantity as I buy everything I like as I don't like missing any future mutibagger.....
I will write only names and nothing more.....

This will be under no circumstances is a BUY call for any of the stocks as they are highly dangerous to hold as one may loose the entire sum invested in any stock.These stocks comes in category of High Risk High gain stocks.....but if one buys get ready to loose the entire amount invested in it.....

1) Inducto Steel
2)Citi Port Finance
3)Brels Info
4)ACI Info
5)VCK capital
6)GSB Fin
8)Gagan Gases
9)India Leasing and Development
10)Gemstone Investment
11)Inter Link Petro
12)Invicta Medi
13)Laffans Petro(already written at mmb)
14)Melstar Info
15)Intec Sec
16)United Drilling
17)XO tronics
18)Axis IT&T
19)Akshar Chem
20)Asia HR techno
21)EPC Ind
22)SPS Int
23)Neo Gem

These are some of the stocks I track.There are still many others as well but will write some other time.I would like you to do due diligence and take a call.

I will only say that just go through the bse site.Read the annoucement of all these stocks.Check the promoters stake and see the results as well.....and take your own call.......
Investing in any of the above stocks can wipe out ones entire amount be careful.....while buying..... these stocks..... Just going against my forte, Fundamental stocks........but I have found something in each....and hence track them....
Source & Credit: Rajeevdesai blog