Good books on Stock Markets and Investment strategies

This is not a comprehensive list of "Best books on stock markets" but a list of "very good books on stock markets" preferred by many.

Good Books on Stock Markets:

1. One up on Wall Street: Peter Lynch. This is a must read to learn about stock markets.

2. The Intelligent investor: Benjamin Graham. Warren Buffett learnt a lot by reading this book.

3. Security Analysis: Benjamin graham. This book is a must read for every value investor. This is "The Bible on value investing".

4. The Best Investment advice I ever received: Liz Claman. Simple investment lessons from stock market legends.

5. All about Stock market strategies: David brown and Kasandra Bentley.

6. Your Money and Your Brain: Jason Zweig. Psychology plays vital role in stock market movements especially over short term. This book is all about brain's role over your investment decisions.

7. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings: Philip Fisher.

8. Wise investing made simple: Larry Swedroe.

9. Contrarian Investment strategies: David Dreman. Contra investors always make money due to their investment style and duration. But these investors needs extreme patience to make money.

10. Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist: Lowenstein Roger. Read this book to know about the legendary investor.

11. The New Market Wizards: Conversations with America's top traders – Jack Schwager.

12. Lessons from the Greatest Stock Traders of All time: John Boik. Good book for traders.

You will continue to lose money as long as you depend on "stock tips" and other short cuts. Use CNBC to know about latest business news but not for stock tips. Never believe in broker's tips. They will give these tips to all their customers. You will never make money by following herd.

WE don't know how long this bear market will last but current crisis provided long term investors "once in a life time investment opportunity". Those who will accumulate good stocks on SIP basis throughout this bear phase will get very good returns. Many good stocks will not participate in the bear market rallies but they will give outstanding returns if you invest for long term. They will test your patience.