Volatile Stocks in Indian Stock Market

Some of the very volatile stocks in this unstable market are listed here. These stocks are being traded with big upward and downward swings. Do not get caught in these swings!

If at all you are considering to buy any of these stocks for your long term investments, be careful to not to buy at their higher side of swings. Market is not going to stabilize so soon and we might see multiple of these kind of swing trades.

To be on safer side, one may buy for long term investment towards lower side of the swing to minimize the risk in these stocks.

Traders may use these swings to make quick money but always remember, people have made money only in longer form of investments!!

Following are the stocks with minimum volatility in these highly volatile markets. One may look at these stocks and pick their own long term investment, of course at lower side of the swing. You can start accumulating (invest in small parts of your total money) at those levels.

No Trading! Happy Value Investing!!
Images from: Economic Times