Best stocks in 2008. Should we buy these for 2009?

These stocks were the best stocks to buy in Indian stock market in year 2008 (based on their annual rate of returns). Even as the current stock market stands at half in value since touching an all-time high on January 10, 2008, there were nine stocks among India’s top 500 companies which delivered gains to their shareholders over a period of one year. Here is a stock report published in ET. Can we buy stocks which were best performing stocks in 2008 for 2009 as well?

Should you buy stocks based on their performance in past? Most of the times buying stocks is influenced on past performance of company. Especially new investors are bound to make such investing decisions. To an extent this is true. eg. Reliance, Infosys are performing consistently for past more than a decade now and their past performance can be taken as guideline to their future performance.

Stock trades at cheap brokerage and buying stocks online or online stock trading have made stock trades a very frequent practice for normal investor, they should understnad that stocks mentioned here are for long term investing and will be fruitful if they hold for longer time durations.

Following are few stocks which have performed well in 2008 and in past few years too.

Cadila Healthcare, one of the five largest drug makers in India, is the winner by a long way in the top performers roll, delivering a whopping return of almost 65% to its shareholders.

Verdict: Healthcare sector is one of the emerging sectors in India. It is the sector being looked for future. Groowth in healthcare has been relatively slow till now but it can take off soon. Can be part of safe portfolio.

Hero Honda Motors is second on the list with returns of nearly 17%.

Verdict: Best performer in slowing automotive industry in recession time. Safe Auto sector major.

One of India's leading FMCG companies, Hindustan Unilever ranked third in the major gainers' line up. The stocks gave returns of 15.27% to their investors.

Verdict: FMCG has always been preferred in current stock market scenario. HLL is undoubtedly best FMCG stock in Indian Stock Markets.
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Another leading FMCG company, Godrej Consumer Products ranked fourth in the major gainers' line up. The stocks gave returns of 12.44% to their investors.

Verdict: Same FMCG Sector. Relatively safe stock.

BOC India, the arm of BOC Group, which is the second largest industrial gases company in the world, is fifth in the star line-up. The stock posted returns of over 12% during the above mentioned period.

Castrol India occupies sixth place with 6.62% returns.

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals occupies seventh place with 4.04% returns.

Sun Pharmaceutical
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries occupies eighth place with 3.50% returns.

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Nestle India occupies ninth place with 2.18% returns

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