Stock Market in 2009 - Buying Stocks For Best Returns

Year 2009 started with all the gloom for Indian stock market & across the globe. Retail investors looking for good returns from stock buying are searching for good to buy stocks in 2009 which could fetch returns more than other investment instruments. Here is the series of articles published earlier about best stocks to buy and investing in 2009 - 2010.

Best Stocks For 2009 - Top Stocks To Buy Now
As uncertainties prevail and a revival expected only post second quarter of 2009, looking at current stock market situation it will pay to focus on buying stocks of large cap companies with a proven track record, high earnings visibility, low leverage, good book value and low debt. It is highly advisable to buy stocks with strong promoter holdings looking at recent Satyam fiasco.

Best 20 Stocks To Buy In 2009 - Buying Stocks Long Term Investing
Business Today magazine had recently published list of top 20 stocks to buy or watch out for in 2009. One may treat these as buy stocks advice, strictly for long term investment. Mentioned here are best stocks that are strong to survive the slowdown in 2009. Buying stocks which could emerge as best performing stocks to buy out of this gloom would help you in strengthening your portfolio in long term duration. They are very cheap stocks in terms of value stock investing for long term valuations. The list is in alphebetical order.

Stock Market 2009 Predictions - Where would it be in Feb-March 2009?
Looking at current stock market situations worldwide, and especially US DOW trailing below 7500, Indian stocks can not remain isolated for long time since Indian economy is too dependent on world markets. Large companies like General Motors likely to go bankrupt in US, economy there is under severe pressure and chances are it would not grow at all and infact would be contracting in future for some time

Best stocks in 2008. Should we buy these for 2009?
These stocks were the best stocks to buy in Indian stock market in year 2008 (based on their annual rate of returns). Even as the current stock market stands at half in value since touching an all-time high on January 10, 2008, there were nine stocks among India’s top 500 companies which delivered gains to their shareholders over a period of one year. Here is a stock report published in ET. Can we buy these best performing stocks in 2008 for 2009 as well?

How to buy stocks ? Buy stocks with confidence
Current stock market, as we all know, is in an uncertain situation with ups and downs in stocks every week. Every investor may be wondering about how to buy a stock as buying stocks for long term investment has become difficult when there are no clear market trends.

Top 9 Stocks To Buy For 2009
ET spoke to more than nine brokerage firms to find out the nine gems for 2009. Interestingly, there has been a consensus among stock market research firms in choosing these stocks to buy in 2009 from a vast list of scrips. Here go the gems...

Value Stocks To Buy In 2009
These pessimistic times do present an opportunity for long term, patient investors to buy stock with intrinsic value and make extraordinary returns.

Best stocks to buy now are banking stocks
Amid easing of liquidity, low bond yields and expectations of long term economic revival, banking stocks are seen as the best bet for investment - both in medium term and long term.

Best stocks to buy in Indian telecom sector
Most of the brokerage houses have put Buy stock recommendations on Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular and Reliance Communications stocks in Indian telecom sector. These big three could be considered as best investment options in sector.

Indian Stock Markets : Which Stocks to invest in 2009
Markets have corrected about 60% from their peaks and have bounced 30% from their lows.For how long will the markets behave the way they are behaving right now? What to follow for best investments?

Best FMCG Companies - Stocks to Invest in 2009
FMCG Stocks are now catching eye of investors for investing as best option in stock market. Analysts and market experts are now putting a ‘buy stock’ recommendation on select FMCG stocks.

Economy will bounce back faster - Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
The Indian economy will bounce back much faster and more vigorously than most people anticipate. This will be driven by swift upswing in domestic demand, according to Mr Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, equity and investment guru.

Stock Markets in 2009 would be volatile - Marc Faber
Investment guru Marc Faber said that the volatility in stocks will continue in 2009. The markets would ease after an initial rebound.