Stock Market Tips For Short Term Gains

Following are the stock tips based on inputs from stock market punters. These tips are strictly for short term gains and should only be considered as medium risk high return stock tips. Small chunk of money can be invested for short gains.

1)Scripscan:Tube Investments of India Ltd
After taking a huge beating on the bourses,Tube Investments of India Ltd is back in the reckoning.Sources close to the management claim that the company is going to do exceptionally well in the coming quarters.Even some of the mumbai based HNIS are active on the counter again.The scrip at present is quoting at 48 and punters are betting for 60 odd in the short term.The company also has an insurance division which itself if value would come more than the present marketcap of til.These is a counter which may surprise one in the long run.

2)Scripscan:Subex systems Ltd
Plenty of buying is happening on the subex counter on expectations of bumper numbers in the coming quarters.Market participants feels worst is certainly over for the counters and good times may have just set in.Subex has already tripled in just a matter of 3 months.Informed circles suggest there can be much more upsides in the counter as operators have started taking much interest in the counter.In light of these facts one can take a call on the counter at dips.People who bought at lower levels may sell half the quantity to make it an investment free bet.

3)Scripscan:Panacea Biotec Ltd
If the market grapevine is to be beleived,then heavy accumulation is taking place in the counter since last few trading sessions.Resuluts are expected to be encouraging.Rumuor of a libeal bonus issue has been a strong buzz for the counter offlate. Further buying the fraternity cannot be ruled out. Market participants feels the counter to hit the roof fairly soon.