Stocks To Buy - Hidden Gems - Taneja Aerospace Aviation

Here is another hidden gem from famous equity analyst Ashish Chugh. He discussed this recently on a TV channel. Ashish Chugh is known to identify the companies with hidden intrinsic value of the stock and recommends to buy stocks at early stage. The stock recommendations from him could prove multi-bagger stocks in long run.

If we see the price pattern of this stock, this stock has been primarily range-bound between Rs 30–40 for a long period of time. Promoters picked-up about 5% of the stake in the company they increased the stake by about 5% in the month of November at about Rs 28 and the stock has been primarily range-bound mainly because of the negatives which surround the sector and also the company. Last year there were rumors of a Delhi based infrastructure company wanting to take a stake in their air strip project and the valuations being talked about are very high, and at that time the stock touched a high of about Rs 250–270.

The company has a 250-acre land where they have made an airstrip which is largely unutilized and I see that as an opportunity, the reason that we are getting the stock at a market cap of just about Rs 100 crore is primarily because of the reasons which are mentioned. When things look rosy and everything starts looking good. When they are fresh with orders for aircraft and the value unlocking which people are expecting that airstrip will have that happens and you won’t get the stock for Rs 35-40.

The reason you are getting the stocks at current valuations is only because of the negatives which are surrounding and the good thing is that the promoters themselves have increased their stake at about Rs 28 in the month of November. At that time there was pessimism all around and the stock has also been range bound for a very long period of time and that’s a reason you are getting this stock for Rs 35, when there were rumours of someone big buying that airstrip business and fancy valuations being talked about at that time the stock was not available for Rs 35 and it was available for Rs 250–270. So this is the one for the patient investors who can just sit on the stock and wait for company to unlock the value for the shareholders.