Dishman Pharma - Pharma Sector Midcap Stock To Buy

One of the mid cap stocks to buy is Dishman Pharma. For the simple reason. The stock has done nothing over the last many months when most pharmaceutical stocks have gone up sharply.

Most pharmaceutical stocks have gone up a little bit too sharply with what happened in the US. But the fact is some of them have gone up sharply for reasons, which are right and some of them have gone up sharply for no reason. We are very positive on this company over the slightly longer-term because we see a sharp improvement in the turnover and the bottomline as far as 2011-12 goes.

Year 2009-10 was difficult for this company. The company is mainly in the contract research and manufacturing services (CRAMS) space. We know the CRAMS space is not a very comfortable space to be in as far as 2009-10 goes. Plus there was disruption of supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to Solvay because of restructuring at Solvay. But the management has given a very decent number for 2010-11 as far as Solvay goes.

Second, the company has incurred a lot of capex in the recent past. One of them was in Bavla for setting up an oncology unit, which should start giving the company very decent revenue starting from 2011-12 or rather from second half of 2010-11. Also unit setup in China should start production in 2010-11—it should start giving lovely bottomline and topline to the company in 2011-12.

This year is not a good year. We are looking at earnings around Rs 14-14.5. We should go up to around 18.75 in 2010-11 and to around Rs 26 in 2011-12. Buy stocks for next one-year for at least 30-40% investment returns.
Note: This stock recommendation is from Mehraboon Irani of Centrum Broking

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