Stocks To Buy For Your Investment Portfolio

Here are few stocks discussed by Rajen Shah of Angel stock broking on one of the business news channels. He has been advising investors to buy stocks discussed here for investment portfolio since long time.

Mid Cap Stock To Buy
A number of auto badgers are coming to India, Volkswagen has recently started, Nano is commencing operations in the next one-month from the Sanand plant and MRF is an exclusive supplier of small tyres. I am looking at very good times ahead for tyre industry and it is going to be there. So I don’t think I am worried about that Rs 150 per kg of RSS IV grade rubber which is used in the manufacturing of tyre. MRF should report easily Rs 900 kind of earnings and it is at 8 P/E multiple.

Large Cap Stock To Buy - ITC
Interesting things are happening in ITC. If you see the segment wise result, tobacco business reported almost 16% kind of an improvement in the bottomline in the last quarter and it is growing in double-digits. If you see the bidi market in India, it is three-four times the cigarette market. With more income in the hands of rural India, anybody would like to upgrade from a bidi to cigarette. This prosperity of India which is going to take place because of the economic growth is going to lead to double digit volumes growth in case of the cigarette business. That is one thing.

Mid Cap Stock Analysis - Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT)

There were at least 4-5 reasons why we like this stock and one of them was two years back this company had bought back 38 crore shares at an aggregate price of Rs 25 pumping in Rs 940 crore. When a management is pumping in Rs 940 crore, which is one of the highest buybacks in the history of the Indian corporate sector, one shouldn’t have been bearish on this stock at all.