Buy Stocks Of Reliance Industries On Every Dip

I strongly believe, Reliance Industries is one stock that investors could buy for their safe long term investment portfolio.

With same thought I was searching for opinion from some experts in Indian stock markets and I found a view by technical analyst, Ashwani Gujral.

“One should add Reliance Industries on all declines. If the market goes into a decline, it would find strong support near levels of Rs 980-990 so if you are a long-term holder then you must use declines to add on. On the upside, you will again find resistance coming in around Rs 1,140-1,150. So only above that will you talk about levels of Rs 1300-1350. So as a long-term investors must use all the crisis in the world to add on to positions.” Gujral's opinion on moneycontrol website.