Gail - Natural Gas Monopolistic Stock To Buy

Another company, which is assured of its revenues by nature of its monopolistic business, is Gail - India’s largest transporter of natural gas.

In the years to come, a vast majority of gas consumers will continue to depend on Gail’s pipeline for a seamless supply of natural gas, which will be a preferred fuel for the coming generations.

Completion of Gail’s pipelines in the North India will allow it to increase sales volumes as more customers get connected to the gas pipeline grid. Considering the company’s secured income source by way of regassification charges and its expanded capacities, a P/E of 15 appears attractive.

Gail has long been a cash-rich company, with very low debt. It will be spending nearly Rs 50,000 crore in the next four years to lay new pipeline and expand its polymer capacity. Defying the overall weakness in the market, Gail’s shares have gained 5.6% last week despite Sensex losing over 3.2%.

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