Anik Industries - A Hidden Gem By Ashish Chugh

Ashish Chugh, Author of Hidden Gems, has recommended to buy stocks of this dairy business pick for medium term stock investment. Checkout the analysis.

Anik Industries is a part of Ruchi Soya Group. This company manufactures Anik brand of ghee and dairy whitener. The company has got primarily two business segments. One is the dairy business and the second is the trading business. Besides that the company also has a small wind power generation capacity, which accounts for marginal revenues for the company. In dairy business, this company has got infrastructure facilities at Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Madhya Pradesh (MP). Besides that company also has infrastructure of chilling units spread across these two states. The company is putting up a new plant, which will process about 4 lakh litres of milk every day and produce 30 tonne of milk powder.

Anik as a brand, whether it is ghee or skimmed milk powder, it is an established brand in the Indian market with a good brand recall. The company also derives revenues from trading of agricultural and non-agricultural commodities.

If you look at the financials of the company FY09 sales were close to Rs 1000 crore, profit after tax was about Rs 11 crore and for the first nine months sales are up by about 25% and profit after tax is down by about 12% to about Rs 10 crore.

If you look at the positives and negatives of the company—the company has got good brand recall. The potential for growth in this business is immense. Another important thing that has happened in the international markets is that Chicago Mercantile Exchange has recently allowed derivative trading in skimmed milk powder. Now that essentially is going to do is that there is going to be a speculative interest also in skimmed milk powder. This may lead to the prices of the skimmed milk powder going up in the international markets, which will be a big benefit to companies involved in the manufacture of skimmed milk powder especially Anik Industries. It has got a large capacity for the manufacture of skimmed milk powder.

On the lower side the concerns for the company are that the operating margins of the company are very small. The performance of the company is largely depended upon its ability to procure so much amount of milk at competitive prices. But given the capabilities of the promoter and the fact that the price is attractive the stock currently trades at about Rs 60 and market cap of about Rs 150-160 crore.

For a company with established brand doing a turnover close to Rs 1200 crore the valuation of the company looks very attractive. Skimmed milk powder prices if they go up can really lead to margin improvement for the company. I think from these levels downside the stock looks restricted and the potential upside could be good.

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