Stocks To Buy Now - Hidden Gems By Ashish Chugh

Ashish Chugh, Author of Hidden Gems, has recommended to buy stocks of two below mentioned companies which he feels are relatively unknown and unexplored in stock markets and have potential to fetch good returns on medium term stock investments.

Anik Industries - A Hidden Gem By Ashish Chugh
Anik Industries is a part of Ruchi Soya Group. This company manufactures Anik brand of ghee and dairy whitener. The company has got primarily two business segments. One is the dairy business and the second is the trading business. Besides that the company also has a small wind power generation capacity, which accounts for marginal revenues for the company.

Stocks To Buy Now - Siyaram Silk Mills
Siyaram Silk Mills is a part of Siyaram Poddar group. This is a vertically integrated textile company. This company has got in-house facilities for spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing and also garmenting. The brand Siyaram is available at over 40,000 retail outlets all across the country. Besides that the company is also opening its own exclusive stores where it will sell Siyaram besides other brands, which the company has. Beside Siyaram the company also has Oxemberg and J Hamstead as the other brands under which their garments are sold.