Best Sectors & Stocks To Buy For 2011

I am receiving a very good response for the series of stock recommendations, Stocks To Buy In 2011, from all fellow investors and Indian Stocks News readers/subscribers. In such emails, I received a message from Mr. Aditya and he has suggested to discuss the stocks in top down manner, sector wise. In each sector, we can find best three stocks to buy in 2011 and discuss them.

I am reproducing Aditya's message here.

hi vinay,
thanks to u for yr great initiative to bring the good analysis of the stocks.
it is really helpful.
your idea to ask from the readers for new stocks for the 2011 is great but as i gone through the posts it will be a long list as every one is having a long favorite list of stocks in my view we can discuss this in top down manner with sector wise and best in that sector u may have a voting form on the site having fields like sector (max 5) and stocks in the sector (max 3) to cut the crap
anyway its only an idea from my side
my pick for the current time will be mic electronics

Certainly we are going to do that. In fact this is in line of what I am about to put up for discussion on Indian Stocks News. I have thought to put up series of discussions for

- Small cap stocks to buy in 2011
- Mid cap stocks to buy in 2011
- Large cap stocks to buy in 2011
- Best sectors to invest in 2011

I am also going to put up a form very soon for surveying the best sectors so everyone can vote for the sector they think is best for investment. I would analyze all the stocks that we discuss here from investment point of view and post individual stock analysis here.

Posts in series "Best sector & stocks to buy in 2011" till now
=> Automobile : Best Sectors & Stocks To Buy In 2011

For now, you can either post your comment for best sectors and stocks using below comment form or mail me at vinay at indianstocksnews dot com

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