Jan Lok Pal bill or corruption? What do you want?

I could not stop myself from writing this post on IndianStocksNews.com even though it is not directly related to Indian Stock Markets. It was today morning when I saw, on one of the TV channels, Anna Hazare protesting against corruption and pouring his heart out for Jan lokpal bill. I felt ashamed that I could not join him in Delhi. I felt even more ashamed being an Indian when I heard that bastard politicians have stopped this bill from passing in parliament since last 40 years so they can loot whatever they can from Indian people and deposit it in their swiss bank accounts!

I felt ashamed, being an Indian, remembering that people have to pay bribe just to get clearance for passports which is everyone’s civil right. I felt ashamed, remembering that people have to pay bribe to get driving license cleared even if they are perfect at driving! I have filed my papers to get my provident fund back from PF office in NOIDA, it’s been more than 3 months, their turnaround time is 45 days and I have not received my hard earned money for which I worked 12 hours a day. May be the PF office workers are waiting for me to go there, pay some bribe and then they would clear my PF!

I consider myself a “common man” who use to believe that if I had to get my work done, I have to pay bribe! Such is our Indian government and system is corrupt. I was in Delhi till one year back and then moved to United States for work, but I know very well, that at heart, I am an Indian with all the plans to return home soon for good. When I see differences between America and India, one thing pinches me, being Indian, that how corrupt our mentality has gone. Even to get a driving license, we need an agent! Why? Because traffic police department will not treat you well if you directly took your application to them without any “extra fees”. Same is the case for passports and other government office related works. Police/Customs/Revenue/local authorities/every government department. Such shameless have become our government agencies and most of the government employees who consider “chaay paani” as their birth right. Bloody shameless corrupt bastards they are (Sorry, I could not help myself). I literally feel like spitting on faces of these creatures whenever I have encountered them at airports or government offices. They don’t even let the “makkhi” on their faces to fly and ignore us as if they are “highly obligating” us by doing their work for which we pay out of our pockets (their direct salary and indirect chaay paani too).

Why are most of the government “servants”/beaurocrats are so corrupt? Why do they want “chaay paani” for doing their own work for which government and indirectly you and me pay thru our taxes? The reason is politicians. These bastard politicians (sorry again!) allow them and encourage them to gather money for them. Politicians, to me, look as root cause for this cancer of corruption. And I dare to challenge, 99% of politicians including Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, congress leadership, BJP leadership, LK Advani, Lalu, Jaylalita and each and every politician (read bastard) in Indian politics is an corrupt asshole. There is no doubt about it. I don’t understand from where these assholes get their Pageros, BMW’s and Landcruisers when their official salaries are Rs. 40,000 a month. Especially when I earned more than Rs. 40,000 a month and work for more than 10 hours a day but could afford only a Santro in that salary!

How did A. Raja dared to fool Indian laws to help Tatas, Amabanis and other corporates make thousands of crores keeping government at losing end? Because he knew that he would get away with no Indian laws against corruption. Just imagine the money that government lose on telecom spectrum scam could have been used to make infrastructure better which would have helped India progress a bit. But all I can see is all politicians and ministers are busy making money for themselves. Let India and common man, the Indian, go to hell! Same is the case with corporate. Did you see any corporate honcho like Tatas/Ambanis/Birlas/Jindals supporting Anna Hazare in past two days against corruption? No. Why? These are the same bastards who are busy looting common man and India from both sides, by manipulating government policies to make money and by manipulating stock markets to again make money.

It is a high time for us, as a citizen of India, to awake and fight against cancer of corruption. As a beginning from my home, I am starting with this post to express my feelings and let all my thousands of fellow investors who read IndianStocksNews.com regularly, know that I suggest everyone of us to start fighting against corruption, support Jan Lok Pal bill and Anna Hazare’s efforts to get it in place whichever way you can. You can join demonstrations in your city, nearest city to show the government playing games against this bill for past 40 years to avoid it, the power of common man! After all, government and all politicians are “Janata ke sevak” who has forgotten it completely and that common man is the owner of this country and not any Manmohan Singh or LK Advani or Lalwaa or Jaylalita. Neither Sonia Gandhi nor Rahul Gandhi and second generation of any politician who think they have birthright to rule on common man.

If you are an government employee, reading this and considers “chaay paani” as your birth right, don’t be shameless to ruin this country. Your child may spit on your face tomorrow for spreading corruption and being part of the bastard’s brigade