Where is your patriotism?

Whole India and of course you and me being Indian, would be celebrating our Independence day on coming Monday. But are you and me really Independent today? Especially considering the state in which we are today? Is this the same Independent country freedom fighters had fought for? Did freedom fighters expected each and every politician in this country to be corrupt?

Do you know that freedom fighters wanted to get rid of British rulers as British were interested only in grabbing money from India and take it back to “Great Britain”.

Okay. So what are our current set of politicians doing? Aren’t they looting India and taking that money out to Swiss banks and European countries? Aren’t they suppressing voice of people talking against corruption? Can you say today’s Politicians are not corrupt? Can you really? If you say yes, you must be either politician yourself or may be your family member is!

Same is the case of most of the government departments. Freedom fighters were fighting with British police and other systems to get rid of them. Why? To allow Indians to come in those departments and loot India? Ask any IAS/IPS officer aspirant today and what’s his answer in reality? To make money. What were British officers doing? Making money. Where is the difference?

Baba Ramdev and protestors were bashed by police in midnight. Didn’t those visuals remind British raj? Are you and me really independent? Chidambaram, Kapil Sibbal and congress led government threatens Anna Hazare team to not to protest in Delhi, playing politics by not allowing the venue for protests. Isn’t it at lower levels than what British use to do? Are you such an idiot (not 3 idiots way, a real idiot) to not to understand the reality or the government wants us to believe them since they are rulers and what they do is only correct?

All parliamentarians come together when the issue is about doubling their salaries and perks and expenses but when it comes to fight issues like corruption, how can they kill their milking cow? You must be kidding when you expect politicians and babus to act against corruption.

Look at the incidents of land grabbing by government in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra (Greater Noida, Maval, Jaitapur). When the poor farmers protested in peace, police literally and brutally fired bullets at unarmed protestors and killed them. Are you really independent?

Just think about the situation of corruption in India and Indian politics/system. If you/your family member are part of this system and are corrupt, shame on you. Change before your next generation spits on your face for spreading corruption.
Where is your patriotism? Have you already planned to go on a trip on this long weekend? Have you planned to watch Anna Hazare’s protests on news channel eating chips and drinking cold drinks instead of getting on road in protests against corruption?

I am not saying support Anna Hazare but all I am saying is “do not support corruption”. Show your patriotism. Show the bastard “servants of people” their real place. Make India corruption free. Leave a corruption free India for your next generation. Do not lose your rights to protest peacefully against corruption. That’s what Mahatma Gandhi had done to get rid of British rulers. Unfortunately, the congress party has been leader of this corrupt Indian politics with Mahatma Gandhi’s photo in each of their offices.

In short, do not lose your freedom. Show your patriotism. Build new India. We need to get rid of bastard corrupt “servants of people”. Wake up India. Wake up.