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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Best Stocks & Rakesh Jhunjhunwala's Portfolio

Decade is a very long period in the globalised business environment. Top companies which fail to adopt to the ever changing business dynamics will be replaced by new companies with strong dynamic management. "Looking back" sometimes gives valuable information about future trendsRead More...
One of the smartest investors in India believes in the benefits of portfolio concentration. His top 5 holdings account for 58.39% of his portfolio and his top 10 holdings account for almost 83.80% of his portfolio.  Checkout his latest portfolio
Bombay Paints Limited was the first indigenous paint manufacturer to be certified as approved suppliers of heavy duty marine coatings for off-shore structures being fabricated in India for Oil and Natural Gas Commission.It was the first Company in the paint industry, to be recognized for its R&D activities, by the department of science technology, government of India, in the year 1969.    Read More....
ScripScan-Research Reports
BSL, air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration major, has reported remarkable performance for Q1 FY 2009. It should be noted that BSL acquired Naseer Electricals (had turnover of Rs. 107 crore in FY 2007) w.e.f. January 24, 2008. Read More...
Research Report Dated 29th July ...... Click Here to Read
High dividend yield, low valuations and a strong business model make Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers an attractive long-term investment bet   Read More....

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