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Saturday, January 24, 2009

SPEL Semiconductor - Good Small Cap in Semiconductors - Stock Idea

Announcing its unaudited results for FY Q3 2008-09, SPEL Semiconductor Limited reported revenues of Rs.193.1 lakhs with a PBT of Rs.49.06 lakhs and PAT of Rs.8.18 lakhs.

We will try analyzing results of this small cap growth stock in semiconductor industry and decide if one should buy stock from long term investing purpose. Buying stocks of good small cap company in small portion of portfolio is advisable to aggressive investment style.

Compared to the corresponding quarter of the last fiscal, Revenues grew by 8% from Rs.179.1 lakhs. In spite of the global recession, SPEL was able to sustain PAT due to implementation of various cost reduction measures.

Business Promoters Background
SPEL Semiconductor Ltd. is a company belonging to SPIC group of Tamil Nadu. Their other group companies are SPIC (earlier Southern Petro Chemical Industries Ltd.), Tamil Nadu Petroproducts, Manali Petro Chemicals Ltd., Henkel India Ltd., SICAL Logistics, to name a few.

The company was initially called SPIC Electronics but has since been renamed as SPEL Semiconductor Ltd. SPEL Semiconductor Limited is the leading one-stop turnkey Wafer Sort, IC Assembly & Test subcon facility in India. Established in 1988 and headquartered in Chennai, SPEL had been serving the local market from 1988 to 1994. Having established a track record at home, SPEL turned its attention to the more demanding global market in 1995. It has since been exclusively serving the Silicon Valley and other parts of the world for over 12 years now. SPEL focuses on Lead frame based Packages - both Surface mount & Through hole.

The stock is in semiconductor industry where target consumers are from consumer electronics segment. Consumer electronics segment business is low with sentiments of recessinary times which is a part of economic cycles. Once the times would start turning with recession going away, maybe a year or two later, consumer electronics is bound to perform better and so the semiconductor industry. So if one would like to buy stocks for long term investments of small cap company, SPEL Semiconductor can be a good bet.

During the quarter there was steep drop in demand for Computing, Consumer Electronics & Communications products. This hence brought down the demand for semiconductors which was visible across the worldwide semiconductor industry.

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Coupled with this, the power cost also increased drastically due to severe power supply restrictions leading to frequent use of our DG sets. Booking of forward exchange contract losses also affected the results. These contracts were towards ForEx contracts that were signed during early 2008 when the Rupee was appreciating. There is however no further ForEx cover for FY 2008-09.

Being compliant with SEBI norms though ESOS 2007 related expenses were booked, considering the present stock market conditions Employees exercising their ESOS is remote. If this exercising does not happen, then the booked expenses would get reversed. Also, continuous focus on cost reduction models & adoption of latest Lean Manufacturing practices are expected to yield results from FY Q4 2008-09. These are expected to improve the annual results.
September marked the start of the 11th semiconductor industry downturn. According to industry analysts, there was -4% drop for 2008 compared to 2007. The industry is expected to stabilize during the FY Q2 2009-10. But the recovery should start to kick in by FY Q3 2009-10, making the full-year market down ~17% on a year-on-year basis.

SPEL proposes to invest an additional $7 million in its capacity expansion to capitalize on the expected industry upturn during FY Q3 2009-10. This would increase revenues by Rs.35 crores on a full year basis. The sustained performance will drive SPEL to further excel due to the strong demand experienced by its existing Customers, thereby making the outlook bright.

Continuing to be India’s first & only IC Assembly & Test Company, SPEL has been constantly exceeding expectations. SPEL is committed to firmly establishing itself as the Natural Destination for global Customers seeking cost effective Assembly & Test services.

ShareHolding Pattern
DEC. 2008
Total shareholding of Promoter and Promoter Group (A): 55.97%
Total Public Shareholding (Institutions/FII/General Public): 44.03%
Mkt Cap: 40.12 Cr.
P/E: 6.04
Div: 0.00
EPS (TTM): 1.44
B/V: 12.97
Mkt Lot: 1.00
FV: 10.00


  1. Sir you are genius,you are really doing a great work,if you do educate people with fundamental analysis it will be great,so layman investor like me learn the art of analysis.sir you are god of knowledge,the way you gather all the information is unbelievable,keep the good work going.

  2. Sir one request to you,sir in your post shareholding pattern,debt ratio,PE ratio,P/B ratio,cash flow,bal sheet,CAGR are missing,if you include all these it will be great.

    Sir i also do analysis but iam in the learning stage and learning the art,iam 1 year old and iam learning the art of fun analysis...

    While investing in the stock first i give importance to the promoter and FII holding...if they are increasing the stake that means company is doing well,how is the management and the future project.

  3. Sir,
    Is there any specific reason why you have left out the name of the promoters?Could you please enlighten us regarding the name and background of the promoters?
    Thanks and regards.

  4. Dear Mr. Nagendra,

    A section with title "Business Promoters Background" has been added in article to put light on promoters. Also a link goes to promoter group website. This should help all readers in making more informed decision to buy stocks. This practice would be followed for all articles wherever applicable to provide more and more information to readers.

    Many Thanks to you for helping me making this site better and better for readers.

  5. Dear StockNvestor,

    Thank you for mentioning one of the strategies in buying stocks.

    Promoter's holding in stock indicates how much part of the business does promoters owns. More the company performs, more the promoters would become wealthy and would earn more money. It's a simple ground rule on earth, people do work hard to earn more for themselves. No one one in this world, mind it, no one in this world would work hard to make money for others. This fact makes promoter holdings one of the most important factors in buying stocks. Look at holdings of promoters in companies like TCS, Reliance Industries, Reliance Power, ADAG group Companies, Tata Group companies. Post SATYAM saga, it is even more important to look at this factor. On this parameter, one giant in India fails to make impression. INFOSYS. Checkout it's promoters holdings. Even Narayan Murthy holds only 0.56 % shares in INFOSYS. None of the other promoters hold more than 2.15% individually and total promoters share holding comes to 16.50% Whatever be the reason, it can lead to non-affection towards company with no time. May be this won't happen in case of INFOSYS due to genuine people. But so the Satyam people were talked about!

  6. Sir one request to you,sir in your post debt ratio,PE ratio,P/B ratio,cash flow,bal sheet,CAGR are missing,price history...if you include all these it will be great.

    sir you are genius...sir you are god of knowledge...keep the good work going...


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