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Friday, November 6, 2009

Best Stocks To Buy For 2010 - Let's Share Ideas

Dear Fellow Investors,

It's that time of an year when we would soon start planning for next year i.e. 2010. Investments are not exception to this, in fact should not. It's been long time I wanted to start the series to cover " Best stocks to buy for 2010". I have few ideas in mind which I would be expressing in this series.

Last year I had published a list of best stocks to buy for 2009 and it became the most visited article on my site for entire year. Out of average 1,50,000 page views every month, share of this list is almost 1/3rd.

Apart from sharing my ideas for year 2010, I would love to invite all of you to share your ideas on the same. You may have views on specific sectors for 2010 which investors should target, stocks to buy and even stocks to avoid and sector/s to avoid for 2010. I would welcome every idea and publish it with your views, opinion and of course your name. :)

Keep watching this space for updates on best stocks to buy in 2010. Alternatively, subscribe to Indian Stocks News RSS Feeds to get the post updates directly in your mailbox and do not miss on this.

You may send your ideas here: vinay at or post them in below comment box. I would analyze each and publish he analysis with name of contributor on Indian Stocks News.

Let's unleash the ideas for best ... together!

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  1. What an idea, Sirji. Sure, I will add some of my ideas.
    Best of luck,
    Srikanth Matrubai,

  2. I would pick Kemrock Industries.

    It is Vadodara,Gujarat based FRP composite mfg. Excellent technical skillsets attached to this industry due to technical know-how tie up with HAL and NAL in the past.

    Currently Georgio International is attached to this company.

    In the past,SBI CAP has come up with a buy recommendation.

    I have not studied financials of this company in the detail but i like this stock very much.

    Please have me your comments/inputs/feedback.

  3. Hi ,
    I would suggest Lok Housing and Prajay Eng. Both stocks has good land bank and premier land parcels for potential growth.
    I am sure they are multibeggers in a year or two.

  4. Sir,
    Ansal Housing would be best bet for 2010. The stock trading at 80% discount level from peak and the P/E and sales remain same as 2 years back. The stock available at rock bottom price and sales per share is 230 and profie per share is at 26.

  5. Kesoram Industries is a best buy for 2010

  6. i sugest to buy bartronics,ril,sbi,LT,FOR NEXT YEAR

  7. I would suggest the following stocks for 2010.
    1) Uttam Galva Steel
    2) Jindal Steel and Power
    3) Himalya International Ltd
    4) Geodesic Ltd.
    5) NIIT Technologies Ltd
    6) Unity Infraprojects Ltd
    7) HBL Power Systems Ltd

  8. my hottest pick is Bajaj holding i think it is going to touch 2000 by sep 2010

  9. Pochiraju industries, Hyderabad industries, Helios & Matheson, Himalya International and Orchid Chemicals

  10. i think tci finance is biggest jackpot it holds 38 percent in hydropower project worth 1000 crore in gati infrastructure plus it also has other holdings in gati ltd 18 percent and tci industries plus 20 crore book value total holding value is worth 600 crore but market cap of tci finance is just 30 crore its just free one should grab at any cost till december 2010 it may touch 400 rs as first 100 mw hydro power project is due to start in dec 2010

  11. i would suggest to buy piramal glass for 2010

  12. My hottest picks,
    1)Man Ind.
    2)Srei Infra.

  13. My Picks
    1)Shivam Auto
    2)Garden Silks

  14. Buy Pipavav Ship Yard at CMP-103, Short term target will be RP-112

  15. Mere nazar main ek BPO company hai, jiska name hai HOV Services.Sep.2006 ko company ka IPO 200/-
    mein aaya tha.Jun10 qtr. mein EPS-14 hai.Sales-187cr. NP- 17.64cr. BV- 61.Promoters holding-48.59.FY10 Div.- 40%. FY11 interim Div.- 20%. Company ke centers USA,China,Maxico,India mein hai.Total employee eprx. 8000+ hai. CMP- 95 Stock 6-8 month mein 170/- tak jane ki takat rakhta hai. Feer bhi stock mein kuchh samasyayen hain .Ek promotar ne apni puri holding (aprx.7%)bech di hai. March 10(qtr) mein company ne 119cr. ka loss (exceptional item mein) dikhaya hai.
    Mere vichar se stock buy kar Sep.10 ka result dekhate huve stock ko aage badaya ja sakta hai.
    Vinay bhai bhi stock ke bare mein kuchh jankari de sakte hain to de.

  16. my best longterm picks are......
    timken india
    rel power
    usher agro
    sks logistic
    msp steel
    panyam cement

  17. big moves in these scrips ..even after market falls in sept-oct 10 ...add to average
    Federal bank
    LG Bros

  18. FSL Target Rs. 40 2 Weeks, Sure !

  19. tcs is good to buy
    -vignesh prabhu

  20. i think glodyne technoserve,himmit seide,opto circuits are growth stock

  21. Dear Sir,

    I have seen your penny stock list and request you to please recommend 5 to 10 best out of 23 listed and will start investing atleast Rs.1000 in that.


  22. 2010 stocks according to my views:
    1. Alok Industries. CMP: 27
    2. IFCI. CMP: 70
    3. Punj Lloyd. CMP: 116
    4. NTPC. CMP: 195
    5. SRF. CMP: 400
    6. JP Associate. CMP: 125
    7. IRB Infra. CMP: 260
    8. Madhucon Projects. CMP: 145
    9. ITC. CMP: 170

  23. 1) Visaka Industries
    2) Navin Fluorine
    3) HEG

    (Time frame of 6-12 months)


  24. Compelling value buy Mac Charles (India) ltd.

    Mac Charles is having market cap of 155 cr . Net Current asset is 43.56 Cr.

    Investment + Net Current Asset is 133.50 Cr.
    So we are getting this company (which is having 5 star hotel Le Meridien in Banglore spread across 3 acres in prime area, other properties , golf view hotel and Wind mill which will generate revenue of at least 5 Cr per year and may be expandable) effectively in less than 25 cr ( 160cr- 133.50cr) . Even company’s average cash flow from operation is 39 cr for last 4 years including recession time.

    Having impresive dividend yield of 4.6% .

    Can you please provide your input ? is it worth buy ?

  25. Hi,
    Would love to see your comments on below mentioned share:
    Resurgere Mines & Minerals India Ltd
    Andhra Cements Ltd.
    Sanraa Media
    Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd.

    Thanks in advance.

  26. Any views on Suzlon?


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