Best Stocks To Buy For 2010 - Let's Share Ideas

Dear Fellow Investors,

It's that time of an year when we would soon start planning for next year i.e. 2010. Investments are not exception to this, in fact should not. It's been long time I wanted to start the series to cover " Best stocks to buy for 2010". I have few ideas in mind which I would be expressing in this series.

Last year I had published a list of best stocks to buy for 2009 and it became the most visited article on my site for entire year. Out of average 1,50,000 page views every month, share of this list is almost 1/3rd.

Apart from sharing my ideas for year 2010, I would love to invite all of you to share your ideas on the same. You may have views on specific sectors for 2010 which investors should target, stocks to buy and even stocks to avoid and sector/s to avoid for 2010. I would welcome every idea and publish it with your views, opinion and of course your name. :)

Keep watching this space for updates on best stocks to buy in 2010. Alternatively, subscribe to Indian Stocks News RSS Feeds to get the post updates directly in your mailbox and do not miss on this.

You may send your ideas here: vinay at or post them in below comment box. I would analyze each and publish he analysis with name of contributor on Indian Stocks News.

Let's unleash the ideas for best ... together!

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