Best Stocks To Buy Below Rs.50 In 2010

Here is a list of best stocks to buy below Rs.50 in 2010. These stocks are recommended by renowned stock analysis experts, SP Tulsian and Ashish Chugh.

Donear Industries - Stock Analysis For Mid-Term Investment
Donear Industries is into textile and they have a very strong brand Donear Suitings for which Yuvraj Singh is the brand ambassador. The company has set up a new textile plant in Surat with an investment outlay of about Rs 220 crore for which they have gone for a borrowing of about Rs 120 crore. Prior to that it was a debt-free company and it has been doing quite. It had given bonuses in last five-years with a very high promoter stake of 90%, which the stock exchanges has asked them to reduce to 75%. Click here to read complete stock analysis.

Tourism Finance - Public Sector Stock To Buy
Tourism Finance is promoted by – one can call it a semi public sector undertaking (PSU) with IFCI holding 32% and 25% held by State Bank of India (SBI), Life Insurance Company (LIC) and four other insurance companies.

The company is into providing finance to tourism related projects. It has been giving a consistent performance. In fact this has not been in the news. If you look at FY09, they had an EPS of about Rs 3.6 which is likely to be maintained for FY10 as well. Click here to read complete stock analysis.

Ugar Sugar - Small Cap Stock To Buy From Sugar Sector
Ugar Sugar has not participated in the run up for a simple reason that for September 2009, the company had posted a net loss. This has been scaring investors and keeping them away. The state with the most advantage in the sugar sector is Karnataka because there you have a recovery of 11.5-12% plus you are not seeing such a hue and cry for the sugarcane price as well. Click here to read complete stock analysis.

IFGL Refractories - Value Stock
IFGL Refractories is currently trading at a price of about Rs 48-49. This is a refractory company based in Orissa. Besides the plant in Orissa, this company has got two major subsidiaries called Monocon International and Hofmann Ceramics. In total this company has got manufacturing operations in seven countries. Now, 2008-2009 was a difficult year for this company mainly because of the fact that the steel industry saw a meltdown and the steel industry biggest customers. As a result of which the second half of the company was not that good. The company suffered losses in the second half of 2008-2009. Click here to read complete stock analysis.

SSPDL or Srinivasa Shipping and Property Development Limited
SSPDL is a very interesting real estate company where the current market cap of the company is very small compared to the kind of projects this company is doing. SSPDL is basically a play on the realty market in South India. This company is executing projects in Chennai, Bangalore, Kerala, Hyderabad and Vizag. The company has recently completed one project called Alpha City in Chennai, which is an IT park and also part rented that project. Click here to read complete stock analysis.

Andhra Cement - Safe Value Stock
We like Andhra Cement because of the capacity expansion, which is going in the company. This is a GP Goenka group company, which has got two cement plants with a total capacity of 1.4 million tonne per annum. In FY09, this company achieved a sales of close to Rs 370 crore, profit after tax (PAT) was about Rs 60 crore, which results in an EPS of about 4.5. At the current price of about Rs 28, stock is traded at a price to earning multiple of about 7. Click here to read complete stock analysis.