When Should You Buy Stocks In Ongoing Correction Phase?

We have been observing the ongoing correction in Indian stock markets for some time now. Although no one can time the stock markets for buying stocks, still the obvious question comes in mind is when should be buy stocks in this ongoing correction phase?

I have been reading a lot about this being discussed by stock market traders - experts and stock investment research teams.

Most of the people have opined that first half of 2010 for Indian stock markets will be volatile. Second half of 2010 could see the stock markets moving in upward direction and rising towards previous highs.

What I feel is, finance budget in February end could provide vital guidance for financial policies and important guidelines on stimulus package for economy. These guidelines and overall impact of those would help us in determining stocks to buy in 2010. Month of March will be I guess the time period when this ongoing correction would settle and Indian stock markets could start preparing for it's next upwards move.

That would be the time buy quality value stocks in 2010 for long term investments. One should buy stocks in March with eye on signs of end of correction.

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