Concurrent (India) Infrastructure: Want to buy stocks? check this out first..

While reading through various business magazines as usual, I came across an interesting story written by MoneyLife magazine on a small company called Concurrent (India) Infrastructure Ltd. I searched through MoneyLife magazine website and what I found was very interesting to read articles about company which entertained me a lot!! Literally. Just read these articles and you would come to know how common investors like you and me are fooled by companies.

P.S. Do not forget to read the comments below articles in MoneyLife website or you would miss all the action!

Following is the series of articles published by MoneyLife magazine on Concurrent (India) Infrastructure Ltd. These are the links that directly take you to the articles in magazine website.

Concurrent India: A bunch of investors taking others for a ride

Concurrent fools investors with false announcement on Sikkim power project

Holes in Concurrent’s claims, as manipulators ramp up prices and SEBI & BSE look away

Concurrent revenues, net profit, OPM and EPS get a sudden boost in March quarter

It is not new for small companies to change the company results and other declared information for manipulating their stock prices to earn quick money fooling retail investors. If Satyam Computer Services can do it, anyone else on this earth can surely! What do you say?