Stock investing tip : Buy stocks of Dabur India for short term

This is a stock investing tip to buy stocks of Dabur India for short term time frame. The target price could get achieved in one to two months. Dabur is one of the good FMCG stock as everyone knows. This tip is purely based on analytical indications.

Dabur India touched it's 52 week high recently at Rs 218.95. 52 week low was at Rs 121. Current EPS is Rs 4.87 and P/E stands at 41.37. Although P/E ratio looks high, FMCG stocks have always been considered as safe stocks in stocks markets and so command a higher P/E.

If you look at the 6 months chart, support line is around Rs. 195 which could be considered as stop loss. The target once again could be near to it's 52 week high i.e. 218. This levels provides moderate amount of returns in short term i.e. 1 - 2 months.

Stock inveting tip buy stocks of Dabur India for short term

To remind you again, this is a stock investing tip for short term (1-2 months) only and not a swing trading or trading opportunity.

One thing to keep in mind is current stock market situation. US markets have tanked today (Wednesday) on the cues of big trade deficit. Indian markets too are looking week since past 2 trading sessions. Take a decision based on market conditions. Do not buy stocks in falling markets immediately today (Thursday). Wait to get a signal on stock market directions.